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Child's Play Penistone Under 2 Years

Childs Play Under 2 Years Catapillers:

The baby room is located upstairs; it offers a cosy and warming environment for our youngest children to thrive in. Offering the little ones the latest in heuristic and soft play, staff are encouraged to talk and interact (singing, talking, babbling) as much as possible with the babies during the must curtail part of their development.

During their time at Child's Play Nursery our staff will maintain a daily diary for your child which will detail their food and fluid intake, nappy changes, sleep pattern and any additional activities and information which staff need to pass onto parents.

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Child's Play 2 - 4 Years:

Transitioning 2 Year olds - Little Bears

Transitioning 2 year olds, when your child is ready it's time for them to start their transition down stairs. The transitioning process is done at their own pace and is a vital part of developing your child's confidence as well as their independence. Alongside their key person your child will be actively encouraged to explore this new environment and make sense of their surroundings, as well as taking part in new planned activities designed to push and stimulate them in turn helping them reach their development goals.

2 Year olds - Bears

Once successfully transitioned down stairs our little bears become bears. They have full access to all of our down stairs area and a choice of where they want to learn and play throughout the day.

Child's Play Penistone 2-4 Years

Child's Play out of school club:

The out of school club has strong links with and encompasses all local schools. With 'pick ups' at Millhouse, Thurlstone, Oxspring and Springvale undertaken daily as well as walking 'pick ups' from St John's Junior and Infant schools. Mid day collections are also made between local school nurseries.

Out of School holiday activities are well planned, mixing lots of sporting events, cinema trips and visits to local and regional attractions.

A theatre room is now on site that allows the viewing of Dvd's, Wii and Playstation games on the big screen!

Child's Play Penistone Over 4 Years
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